Android 10 Devices Will Come Pre-Installed With YouTube Music

Google has announced that it will be including Youtube Music by default in each of the upcoming Android 10 smartphones. Basically if you buy a new Android device running on Android 10, you won’t have to install the App separately. Also, the YouTube Music App will take the place of Google Play Music on Android 10 operating system.

The transition form Google Play Music to Youtube Music is very interesting and it shows how Google wants to bring in a modern ecosystem for the users. A lot of users who used to listen to music on Google Play Music have now moved on to YouTube Music in their respective Android devices. But for those who still enjoy listening on Google Play Music, can continue to do so by downloading the App separately from the Google Play Store.

Google had launched YouTube Music back in November 2015 and since then it has been expanded across countries like India to increase the user base and make the App more popular in front of giants like Apple Music and Spotify. Now the company aims to eventually replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music as their single subscription based music platform.

YouTube Music had recently added the top charts for Indian users that compromises of all the trending and hot tracks and playlists from the country. The company knows the importance of these Indian listeners and finding new ways to attract people to use the Youtube Music App. The YouTube Music Premium subscription comes with Ad-free music, free downloads and access to millions of songs and playlists.

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