Amazon Launches Alexa Powered Rings And Frames

It looks like Amazon wants to grab every opportunity possible to get Alexa across to more number of people around the world. Now the company has unveiled its new series of Alexa powered devices, Loop and Frames. Loop is basically a ring which you wear on your fingers and frames are basically wearable glasses.

The Echo Loop device basically is tiny ring with two small in-built microphones and a speaker. You just have to slide it into one of your fingers and start asking questions to Alexa. It has a small button on the outer side which you need to press to activate Alexa and ask her the questions. When Alexa responds back, you can hear the voice from the speaker which unfortunately can only be heard when your take your hand closer to he ears. The ring can also be used to attend calls from your phone.

Echo Frames is Alexa powered glasses which comes with just microphones and speakers and doesn’t have any kind of display or camera like Google Glasses. These frames are very light at around 31 grams and won’t come with prescription glasses during the purchase. Also the Echo frames are not very stylish but it is decent enough for everyday use.

The company is bringing these experimental devices mainly to get the feedback from actual users who use it. Amazon says that both the devices will be available on an invite-only basis and the company will only produce a limited number of units. Echo Loop will be available for an introductory price of $129.99 and Echo Frames will be available for $179.99.

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