Truecaller Hits One Million Paid Subscribers

Truecaller, the company that gives the most successful and popular caller ID service announced today that it has crossed 1 million paid subscribers around the globe. They also said that new features are going to introduced in their paid service offering – Truecaller Premium.

The company had recently added free voice calling on their basic service where any user can place calls to their contacts, who also use Trucaller, with the use of internet. This made the app even more love-able than before and helped people make free calls globally without any added charges.

Coming back to the paid subscription model, the company said that users on Truecaller Premium will be getting the advanced spam-blocking feature very soon. This feature has the ability to block top spammers in your region and also includes automatic updating. The Premium users currently have the features of being able to track people who view their profile and a call recording feature which helps avoid spam calls without having to deal with them personally.

Co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi said that they are happy to see this growth and it makes them proud that users value the benefits of their Premium features. They are also excited to announce these new upgrades that would help them add even more value to the growing Premium users and help them make their communication more safe and efficient.

The basic spam blocking features on Truecaller are available on all Android and iOS devices and the company will include the advanced spam-blocking features on Truecaller Premium Gold as well.

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