Top 5 Ad Blocker Apps For Android

Ads are always annoying whether you encounter them on the web or on your Android smartphone. There are various ways to deal with these interruptions but the most preferable way to avoid them are Ad Blocker Apps. However, most of the Ad Blocker Apps are not available officially on the Play Store and you will need to download them from third-party sources. Here’s a list of the 5 best Ad Blocker Apps for Android:

1. AdBlock Plus

A very popular App for removing Ads on the desktop and now available for Android phones. It continuously filters web pages in the background and instantly blocks any unwanted Ads from popping up on your screen. Also, this App works with both rooted and non-rooted phones without any issues.

2. AdGuard

This is another great App to block adds and protect your privacy on an Android smartphone. Just like AdBlock, this also works in the background and monitors the web traffic for any Ads. AdGuard also has a good UI design which makes the App very much usable. You can opt for the free version but the premium version covers all the major features for Ad blocking.

3. Block This

Block This is one of the best open source and completely free to use Ad blocker App for your Android device. This App makes use of a different method to Ad Blocks compared to AdBlock Plus, which eventually saves the phone’s battery with continuous usage. If this concept suits your requirement, you can definitely try Block This.

4. AdAway

This app will work only for Android smartphone that are rooted. So make sure to check if your Android phone is rooted before downloading this App. Speaking of the features, you can use modified and custom host files on this App and this is service is absolutely free without any charges. However, this App is only available to download from F-Droid.

5. Blokada

Blokada is an excellent open source AI based As Blocker that will take care of malware, Ads, trackers on Android. It will also speed up your device and improve overall privacy of your device. The best part is that it works on non-root devices and can work smoothly on both mobile network and WiFi.

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