Steve Jobs Is Hiding In Egypt

A new conspiracy theory on reddit has come up which claims that Steve Jobs is still alive and hiding in Egypt. As a proof to this theory, there is an image of a person, an exact lookalike of Steve Jobs who has been spotted in the city of Cairo.

It does sound very weird as we know that Steve Jobs is dead, but this piece of conspiracy has definitely taken the internet by storm. In the image, it appears to be a person who is a doppelganger of Steve Jobs and is having the same appearance with glasses on and chilling on the sides of a roadside shop.

Social media users have gone crazy looking at this picture and their reactions have been pouring in below this original post on reddit. Many of them are saying that Steve Jobs faked his own death and is now hiding in Egypt, while others say that he looks exactly the same and he seems to have the same mannerisms like Steve Jobs.

One of the comments was really unique where the redditor said that he is not much into conspiracy theories but he thinks that Jobs would actually do it as he was really crazy. This makes us think that could he be really hiding in Egypt or all of this is juts a hoax like the last time when Steve Jobs was rumored to be hiding out in Rio de Janeiro?

No matter how fascinating these conspiracy theories are, it is always hard to believe them on face value. On a serious note, Steve Jobs was an inspiration to millions of people around the world and had died on 5th October, 2011 after losing the battle with pancreatic cancer.

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