Snap’s Spectacles 3 Will Go On Sale In November For $380

Snapchat had plans to release a third generation of its Spectacles back in 2018 but the company has officially announced it today. The new model will be called ‘Spectacles 3’ and it will now include 3D effects which can be used by the person who wears it. It also comes with two HD cameras at the front on each corner of the glass.

The HD cameras can be used to record videos at 60 FPS and there is a four-microphone setup on the Spectacles 3 which can capture audio from all sides. Snapchat says that this audio will be very much improved than the previous models and it will enhance the overall quality of the captured video.

In this new glasses, the company has also provided a trigger button on either sides to take a picture or record a video. This will make it very easy for the users to quickly capture a moment while on the move.

Speaking of the build quality, the Spectacles 3 is made up of a single sheet of stainless steel and is extremely lightweight in design for all-day wearing. The glasses come in mineral and carbon black color. It comes with a carry case which can be used for both storage and charging at the same time. The charging can be done with a USB-C port and the case also manages to fold completely flat when the glasses are not inside.

The Spectacles 3 comes with a price tag of $380, which makes it quite expensive compared to Spectacles 2 which sold for only $150. The new glasses will be available for purchase from November.

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