Public Beta Mode Of NetNewsWire 5.0 RSS reader Is Out

Mac users are well aware of the NetNewsWire App. The App is not officially available on the App Store but the people who have developed this App are making it freely available to the people and have even rolled out a new public beta mode for NetNewsWire 5.0.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what this app does, it is a platform where you can glance through every news on the internet. This is much better than opening a browser and searching for news information on different windows and tabs. It makes it easier to find all the info on the same App rather than wasting time on a browser.

NetNewsWire also supports sharing news feeds to third party platforms, create your folders and easily search for any news among your feeds. On the Safari browser, you can also install an extension for this RSS reader which will directly pull all the feeds to the App.

With the new public beta update, the App now supports a lot of new features such as the Dark Mode and also easier to navigate with the support for keyboard shortcuts. Here’s more of these new features:

– Direct feed-downloading
– Syncing via Feedbin
– Sharing to Mail, MarsEdit,, Notes, Messages, and so on
– AppleScript support
– Starred articles
– All Unread and Today smart feeds
– Folders
– Importing and exporting OPML feed lists
– Searching
– Help book
– Multiple accounts

Simply head over to this website to lay your hands on this free RSS reader for macOS.

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