iPhones Will Be Sold Online By Apple In India Very Soon

Apple is planning to sell iPhone online to the Indian customers possibly in the next few months. This comes after the Indian government made a few rules easier for multinational companies like Apple, which now lets them source 30% of their production locally.

This is big news since Apple has been marching on this effort since many years and could not find a way around it. The recent set of rules introduced by the Modi government in India has made it promising for Apple to expand their presence in foreign markets.

Apple used to outsource most of its production to China and the recent trading face-off between the US and China is definitely not looking good. So this new rule is a big relief for Apple to move out of China and put up its production plants in India.

The company will be selling their iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro device everything online once they make their plans for India. Apple also has plans to open its first retail store in India in the city of Mumbai, which could be the first brick and mortar store for the company in India.

Apple’s move to sell its devices online in India is a good move against the sale of counterfeit products in India. There are many online platforms in the country which are finding it difficult to gain the trust if its customers and with Apple’s online store, it will make it easier for the customers directly purchase iPhones without worrying about fake products.

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