Instagram’s Boomerang Feature Is Coming To WhatsApp

The very popular Boomerang feature on Instagram could be soon available on WhatsApp. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is including their own version of Boomerang feature. This will be available under the panel on WhatsApp, where currently you can find the option to convert a video into a GIF.

Basically, what Boomerang does is loop a section of the video endlessly, backward and forward. This gives an excellent effect to any moment in time in the video, which you can eventually share with your friends and family members similar to how you send videos and GIF on WhatsApp.

The Wabetainfo report states that only a video which is less than 7 seconds can be converted into a Boomerang effect. It can either be shared with you contacts or uploaded as a status update.

This would be a good addition for all users but instead of copying the features, the Facebook-owned messaging service should try to add some new features like how Telegram does it frequently. It makes the overall experience very uplifting for the users and gives them more tools to express themselves.

One good feature that WhatsApp added recently was the ‘Frequently Forwarded’ label to tackle fake news and the spread of misinformation. This will keep any info shared on WhatsApp in check and let people know whether they are receiving real or fake information.

The Boomerang feature is still in the testing phase and we are not sure when it will be made official on both iOS and Android devices.

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