Instagram Coming Up With Snapchat Rival

Facebook is developing a new App called ‘Threads’ which would be very similar to Snapchat in terms of its functionality and features. This new App is under works and is currently being tested by the the company internally and could be launched later this year.

What we know so far is that this App will offer more intimate sharing of information between users and friends. This means that a user can share their status, location, battery life and much more. On Snapchat, a user can share images, videos, stories which would also be there on Threads and it will have a few more additional features that is currently not present on Snapchat.

Accodring to the report by The Verge, Threads would have ‘frictionless’ information sharing with friends. This would be based on the ‘Close Friends‘ feature that is available on Instagram where two friends can share any information between themselves privately without their followers knowing about it.

With Threads, the company will also be trying to duplicate the live location feature of Snapchat which shows the present location of any user wherever they are right on the App. Instagram earlier did not include this feature before because they felt that users will not be comfortable sharing their live location which eventually became a reality on Snapchat and people did not have any problems sharing their location based on a request.

Threads will be oriented more towards messaging and looks very similar to the messaging interface inside Instagram and it would be interesting to see how the actual App turns out when it releases to the public.

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