Google Pixel 4 Will Have A 90HZ Super Smooth Display

We have been getting information from various sources about the features on the upcoming Google Pixel 4 and this doesn’t stop here. Now, Google is planning to add a much advanced display on the Google Pixel 4 which they have named as ‘Smooth display’. It will be basically a 90 Hz display similar to the one which you can see on the OnePlus 7 series.

The 90 HZ display will support a better frame rate, which is close to 90 frames per second. This is far better than the 60 frames per second which you can see on the current lineup of Pixel devices. When OnePlus introduced it on their OnePlus 7 series, it really enhanced the overall UI and made it smoother and responsive than the previous models from the company.

Speaking of Google Pixel 4, the phone will come in two variants just like the Google Pixel 3 series. A 6.3-inch model with 3700mAh battery and a 5.7-inch model with 2800 mAh battery. We are not sure if the battery capacity has anything to do with the 90HZ display, but it should work just fine considering that Google wants it to be the best while competing with the likes of OnePlus and Samsung.

Google will also be increasing the RAM capacity on Pixel 4 series, with 6GB RAM. This will be a good boost over their previous models which only had 4GB RAM. Apart from this, Pixel 4 will also support wide-color capture and telephoto lens on the rear camera. We have also been looking at a few concept designs of the phone, but none of it has been made official by the company so far.