Google Will Pay Pixel Owners For Mic And Speaker Issues

Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit involving Pixel and Pixel XL phones that were purchased by people before February 2017. Apparently, these Pixel phones have microphone and speaker issues which affected a lot of people who have been using it. As a part of this settlement, Google will be paying a total of $7.25 mn and each of the affected Pixel owners are now eligible for this.

There are certain terms by the company only under which a Pixel user will be able to receive the amount for this issue. This applies after all the various fees are deducted including lawyer fees and are as follows:

– Every eligible user who did not experience any issue or has no documentation to prove that they experienced said issue will get up to $20.
– Every eligible user who experienced an issue and has proof can get $350.
– Every eligible user who experienced an issue on multiple phones will get $500.

All the funds will be distributed to the claimants until the company runs out of it. So all those people who apply by October 7th, 2019 to make a claim should get compensated, which is also the deadline to make your claim if you have faced issues with your Pixel device.

However, once the person applies the claim, the settlement will take time up to 3 months as per the given rules and company policy. Users can get all the details and information regarding this settlement on this website and they can put their claim there. They can also file a lawsuit against Google if they are not interested with the settlement.

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