Google Images Gets An Updated Interface

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Google is making new changes wherein it has completely revamped how the Google Images section looks. If you check out the Images tab on Google Search now, it looks different than how it was a few days back. You will now be shown the selected image on the right side of your screen while you can continue scrolling through the images on the search result page.

This new change comes as a part of Google’s Material Theme design and constant efforts to improve the user experience on both website and mobile applications. The side panel with the image will also give you additional information for that image and other related imaged. You can also choose to bookmark the image quickly for a later reference.

The best thing about this new feature is that you can compare two images side by side without having to close an image in order to check another like how it was before. Also, if you want to jump instantly to the previously selected image, you just have to press the back button. It’s that simple and user friendly and will definitely be useful for those who use Google Images in their daily work routine.

Google spoke in depth about this new change in their blog post and the Product manager of the company, Mike Repas said that it will be very useful for retailers and publishers as the updated interface will make it really easy for people to get more information and help them with a task, or to buy a product on their website.

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