Next Generation iPad Will Feature Multiple Cameras

We have already heard that Apple will be releasing 2019 iPhones with triple-lens camera setup. A new report from Asia now says that Apple is a planning to do the same with their new iPad and they will include triple-lens camera at the rear just like the iPhone 11. If it turns out to be true, it could really enhance the picture taking quality of the iPad.

The iPad always had a single camera at the rear since the beginning. The latest iPad models that were launched this year had the following camera specs – iPad Pro with a single 12MP sensor, iPad Air and iPad Mini with 8 MP sensors. It’s a bit surprising why Apple would all of sudden upgrade the camera on iPad, but it could be hugely beneficial for those who always wanted to own an iPad with the best camera configuration.

But, based on the reports, the reason could be different as Apple is wanting this to be a part of its Augmented Reality (AR) projects where the triple-lens camera will be useful in delivering the best experience for the users who want to immerse themselves in AR games and other AR related Apps.

There is no official news about the launch of the new iPad models but we know that Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 11 series around September. The iPhone 11 with come with the latest A13 chip, new lightening port for charging and listening to audio and in-screen Touch ID. It will also feature Apple Pencil support just like the iPad.

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