Gaana Now Lets Users Try The App Before Downloading On Play Store is a popular music streaming service in India that provides a range of music selection for different categories, with the regional music being on top. This company has now partnered with the Google Play Store to let users try the app without even downloading from the Play Store. This is possible with the ‘Try Now’ button beside the usual download option.

This is first of a kind for any App to have a try now feature on the Play Store and it is aimed at helping a person explore the app before they decide to install and use it for listening to their favorite tracks. Also, it’s a first for a music App on the Play Store to have this instant music listening experience.

Gaana says that the instant experience is very similar to the full working version of the App and has over 45 million tracks and feel of the actual app so that the user knows and gets an idea before deciding to download the App or move on to a better App.

Prashan Agarwal, CEO Of Gaana spoke about this announcement and said that the launch is a part of their company-wide focus on product innovation that introduces a wider section of the country’s online population to music streaming, and it’s already reaping rewards and they have registered a five percent surge in app installs per day as more people are realising the convenience of being able to listen to their favourite songs anytime anywhere even before they download the app.

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