Fingerprint Authentication Is Now Available On WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp’s yet to be made official feature ‘Fingerprint Authentication’ has finally arrived on the beta version of the App for Android users. This means that the feature will not be available if you are not registered under the beta program of WhatsApp. But if you are a beta user, you can lay your hands on this feature right away.

Fingerprint system has already been available on iOS devices since a year and it is only now that it has made it s way into Android. This is a bit tool late considering how useful it is for people who want to secure their chats with their fingerprint without needing to install and use third-party security apps.

So far, Android users have been relying on third-party apps to lock WhatsApp and there was no way around. Seems like the company has finally taken note of this and will be adding the fingerprint feature to the official App soon.

If you are a beta tester on WhatsApp and want to use this new feature, you can switch on the fingerprint authentication by tapping on the hamburger icon and selecting Settings>Account>Privacy>Fingerprint lock. The feature will help WhatsApp users lock the app and continue from where they left off after unlocking. But it will not allow the users to lock individual chats.

Currently, this feature only supports fingerprint authentication and there is no option for facial recognition. If the fingerprint option is disabled, the App will function normally and you can check the notifications without needing to access the fingerprint unlock.

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