Apple’s New Retail Store Is Opening In Tokyo

Apple’s 9th retail store in the whole of Japan is opening in its capital Tokyo on the 7th of September. The launch will take place on this date at 10.00 am in the morning. The store is named Apple Marunouchi and is located on the ground floor of the Mitsubishi Building. It has its own unique design and is located nearby to the Tokyo station.

This new retail store is a part of Apple’s expansion plan in Japan and there are several other projects in line for completion in 2019. The Marunouchi took around 2 years to complete with major efforts from planning, design, and construction department. The Apple logo on the building finally lit up earlier this month hinting that it will be opening to the public very soon.

This is going to be the biggest store in the whole of Japan and the transit-themed graphics with stylized Japanese characters on the storefront look really cool. Apple always does a great job with their store design and each of their store is different from the others. And the opening of new Apple stores makes it really exciting for the customers to explore the design and all the Apple products.

Apple’s Ginza store in Japan was launched in 2003 and it still remains very stylish to this date. It is located very nearby to this new store that’s opening in Tokyo. Apple has also lined up some events for the store launch which will give the customers an idea of what’s new and will also include performance of several local artists.

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