Apple Is Offering $1M For Finding Bugs On An iPhone

Apple has come up with a new bug bounty program where it will be paying $1M to the hackers who find bugs on iOS responsibly and legally. This was announced by the company at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Apple has previously had these bug bounty programs in the past but the bounty prize this time is much higher and is being considered to be the highest payout.

Earlier, the bug bounty was around $200,000. So the $1M payout is almost 5 times higher than the previous payout. Also, this program was available only for a friendly hacker in the past but the company has now made it available for every kind of hacker.

To fulfill the requirement of the program, the hacker will have to showcase their immense capabilities to get into the core of iOS software and gain access remotely without having to hack the person’s iPhone for taking any action.

Bug bounty programs have become very popular in the past few years owing to the threat that criminals can cause the software and security systems. Apple is making sure that these miscreants stay away from the core iOS system and not get their hands on the software flaws before they do.

Such software vulnerability can be accessed with a little effort by these hardcore hackers, which is why Apple is offering such a high reward to them who can uncover the bug legally without being a threat to the company. This way the flaws are drastically reduced and Apple can be worry-free about the security on iPhone and iPad.

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