Amazon Music Is Offering 6 Months Free Trial For Students

Amazon is a leading global brand when it comes to shopping for products and many other services. The company is now making it easier for students to avail the Amazon Music service for 6 months for just $0.99 per month. This will be a part of the Prime Student membership which the company currently offers for half the cost of the regular Prime membership.

Amazon is aiming to bring in more students to use their music streaming service. competing against the likes of Apple Music and Spotify Premium. And the best way to do this is lower the price of the existing music subscription and get them a cheap trial. We are not sure how exactly will it benefit the company, but it will surely be helpful for a lot of college and university students who can’t afford to pay for Apple Music or Spotify Premium in the United States.

Amazon Music Unlimited service is home to over 50 million songs and playlists, which can not only be played on a smartphone or tablet but also can be played on Alexa-enable speakers with the help of the Amazon Music App.

The company offers the Prime membership to students for half the cost, which comes around $6.49. So along with the Unlimited music service, it comes to $7.49. It cannot be considered very cheap but the unlimited music service at the lowest rate for 6 months is good bargain and student should definitely make use of it if they desire to enjoy millions of songs each day.

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