YouTube Music Adds A Quick Switch Button For Songs And Music Videos


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YouTube‘s very own music streaming service – YouTube Music, recently got a new update that will make things easier for the users who wish to switch between audio and video playback on the App. You can do it now is by simply tapping on a small button at the top of the screen and it seamlessly switches between audio an video.

This new feature will only work if the users have a subscription to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium account. Sadly, it’s not available to users for free. The company has taken massive efforts to bring this feature to the Youtube Music App, where they have time-matched around 5 million official music videos with their audio tracks.

This means that whenever you play your favorite song on YouTube Music, you can instantly switch over to the video for the same song without any delay. If you happen to switch at 40 seconds, it will play the audio or the video from that very moment which is incredible.

Google says that this new feature will improve the user experience for every listener on the YouTube Music App and at the same time it will also make the music videos more discoverable on the platform. The switching option is in fact great if you don’t wish to separately search for music videos and save your time.

If you still wish to not see the music videos while playing your favorite tracks, you can easily switch off the music videos by toggling “Don’t play music videos” under settings.

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