WhatsApp Hits 400 Million Users In India

The most popular instant messaging App, WhatsApp, has now gained 400 million active Indian users on its platform. This means that out of 450 million users that are using a smartphone in this country, 400 million are using WhatsApp for day-to-day communication. Seems like this App is dominating over Messenger and other texting services in India.

The confirmation about 400 million users was made by WhatsApp a few days back where it also announced that Facebook is working on its cryptocurrency names ‘Libra’. This could mean that payment services could be coming soon to WhatsApp where apart from the usual payment and money transfer services, the users will also be able to transact in cryptocurrency within the App itself.

Facebook is targeting the Indian market before the launch of Libra and wants to keep the stakes high with its WhatsApp branding. The drop in users on Messenger will eventually won’t affect the company much as WhatsApp is more than likely to remain ahead of all the competing texting apps that Indians use daily.

Social Media Today spoke more on this: Remittances – people sending money back to the family from other regions – are huge in India, and it, initially, seemed as though Facebook would seek to provide a new, cost-free option to facilitate such through its crypto offering. Then, once those funds are being moved around within Facebook’s system, it would look to provide additional options, like making bill payments, facilitating other transfer types, and eventually, incorporating online shopping.

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