Spotify Now Supports Multitasking on the iPad

Spotify is awesome for listening to your favorite tracks and exploring new music. However, when it comes to using it on an iPad, the functionality of the App becomes very limited. To fix this, the company has implemented new changes to Spotify’s iPad App. The users can now make use of Split View and Slide Over features for easy multitasking.

With Apple’s foray into iPadOS, this new change will benefit many iPad users who are regular listeners of this music streaming service. iPadOS was mainly introduced to support multitasking on a higher level which never really existed in an iPad before. Earlier, users had a very restricted experience while using Spotify on an iPad and now the new multitasking features comes as a sigh of relief.

The Split View, as the name suggests, can be used to split your iPad screen in half while using another App while the Slide Over feature is more of a picture-in-picture mode where the Spotify App will show on top of other Apps which you are using simultaneously.

Overall, the new changes make it easy for the users who make use of iPad for professional work and some casual music listening on the sides. Thus, if you are sending emails and you want to control your playlist, you won’t have to switch between the apps and you can do it directly using the Split View or Slide Over options.

Spotify could also bring the Dark Mode in the future updates as we have already seen its introduction in iOS 13.

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