PUBG Mobile Lite Becomes The Top Free Game On The Play Store

PUBG has become one of the most sensational games in recent times and the company behind this franchise is now trying its best to get more players on board who may not have a smartphone with good specs. The PUBG Lite mobile version which was launched a few days ago on the Play Store has become the top free game and is specifically aimed towards users with basic handsets.

Tencent Games, the parent company for PUBG, had introduced the lighter version of the game in the foreign markets almost a year back. It has been very successful in markets like the Philippines and Thailand. This Lite version is very much new to the Indian audience and it has moved to the top position of free games on Play Store soon after its launch.

This is not very surprising considering the popularity of the game and also that this Lite version works perfectly with handsets that run on 2GB RAM or lower. It is as good as the original app but of course low on graphics. Still, the gaming experience is not affected and the players can enjoy two gaming modes – Classic Mode and Arcade Mode.

The game starts with only 60 players instead of 100 players from the original game and users can unlock the Arcade Mode once they reach level 10. The in-game purchases are also available for the users and it includes the ability to talk with other players and teammates using VoIP.

PUBG Lite can be downloaded from the Play Store right now and consumes around 600MB of internal storage on your smartphone.

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