Mindcode For iOS And Android – Meditate The Right Way

There are several meditation Apps on App Store And Play Store and finding the right one can be a daunting task. Mindcode is an excellent meditation App that includes various modules to help you relax your brain and increase your productivity within a few days of use. The main aim of this App is to help you reprogram your mind when you sleep and use more of the subconscious mind during the day.

Content And Features

The content on the App is just incredible and you can instantly jump on to the various meditation sessions. While going to sleep, you can switch them on and start listening to relax and align your mind for a better and productive lifestyle. Some of the meditation sessions include – calm anxiety, manage stress, creativity, concentration and focus, happiness, self-esteem. For a start, you can try a few of them which are free. In order to access every feature and session, you will have to pay for the service which starts from $5 monthly.

Display And Appearance

The App has a very neat interface with all the tabs spaced out perfectly, making it easier for the user to search and play a session. Overall, the app is really easy to navigate and you can discover content like mental health, work, social, sport based on what your preferences and life interests are. You can also manage the playback options under settings for a very seamless meditating experience.

Final Verdict – Mindcode is a good App for paid subscribers since they can use all the exclusive content. But for those who are new and just want to get an idea about the App, it’s very limited. Apart from this, the app is pretty useful to reshape your life one day at a time and get results gradually. We give it a 10/10 rating.

You can download Mindcode from Google Play Store and App Store.

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