iOS 13 Will Include Audio Sharing Feature

Apple will make sharing any audio that you are listening to with your friends much easier in iOS 13. This will be possible with a new feature that the company is including called ‘Audio Sharing’. Basically, a user can share a track or an audio with anyone instantly however it is only available in iOS 13 beta 4 for now.

There are two ways of using this new and handy feature. One way is that you can pair any nearby iPhone or iPad with your device and share the audio stream directly. A pop-up will appear on the screen as soon as you bring the two devices closer. The second method is where you have to pair the headphones of your friend to your device which is a somewhat time consuming. Thus, the former method being easier and much faster.

It will be handy in many situations such as when you want to watch a movie/ TV show with your friend and you can quickly pair their headphones to your device and share the audio for that particular video. Also, it will be more beneficial if your friend owns an iPad and you want to listen to some track or podcast on it without affecting the work they are doing on the device.

We haven’t seen such an audio sharing feature in Android so far and it could well be the first feature of its kind to show up on smartphones. Overall, it would be very useful considering other new features coming up on iOS 13 like wireless data transfer between iPhones and eye correction for FaceTime.

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