Google’s Pixel 3a Has Boosted Company’s Sales

Pixel 3a, the budget-oriented smartphone from Google has proved to be a winner for the company. Almost double the expected units of Pixel devices have been sold in the last quarter and has increased the overall sales for the company compared to last year.

Pixel 3a was launched in May this year and since then the device has sold like crazy in front of the higher-priced Pixel models. This has hugely benefited the company and it couldn’t have come from a better product than the Pixel 3a. The main reason could be because this device is targeted towards budget-oriented customers which helped Google to sell more Pixel devices overall.

Google has previously had some issues while selling their Pixel 3 devices maybe because of the price but it surely has made a mark with the Pixel 3a device. The company has spent a lot of money in the marketing of this product which could also be the reason for the jump in sales.

The marketing comes in the forms of TV ads and banners which does create an impact on the users and the company also pitched the Pixel 3a against the like of Apple’s iPhone. This shows how hard Google is trying to raise its standards in the smartphone segment although it has not been that successful so far.

The Pixel phones are the best in the market when it comes to an exceptional camera. And Pixel 3a offers the same camera experience which you will find on the Pixel 3 series for half the price. This makes it an ideal purchase for consumers over the iPhone.

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