Google’s Messages App Is Adding AR Effects Like Snapchat

Google is testing new effects and filters on the Messages App for Android. This is very similar to the AR-like features of Snapchat and Instagram and could be soon coming to this SMS alternative App. XDADeveloeprs got their hands on this new feature and posted a video showing all the new effects.

The Messages App is like a substitute for Android users who are bored with the default SMS App on their phones and need something exciting. Initially, the Messages App was very basic but Google has been frequently adding new features to make it more attractive and user-friendly for the users.

Google has previously added features like sharing photos, videos and GIFs with your contacts. This improved the App drastically and allowed users to switch to Messages without a second thought. But there were still many features missing on the App that the company is trying to cover up, which will eventually be useful for all Android users.

With the new version of the App, users will be able to use a total of 5 AR filters – balloons, fireworks, plane, confetti, and an angel. These filters can be accessed via the camera viewfinder where they can choose to use the filters under the ‘Effect’ tab while sending someone a picture.

Google will also be integrating the Assistant into the Messages App soon. With the tap of a button, the user will be able to ask a question and get the answer that they can input while texting a contact instantly.

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