Five Best Manga Apps For Android

If you are a big comic fan who loves reading on a daily basis, you should definitely try Japanese manga apps for Android. Manga comics are really unique and have found their way among a majority of readers around the world. The popularity of anime is on the rise in the last few years and a lot of manga apps have sprung up on the Play Store. Still, finding a well-rated manga app is not as easy as it looks like. Here’s our list of the five best manga apps for Android:


MangaZone has a vast collection of content which you may not find in similar Apps. The best part about it is that you can find over 15,000 manga titles that have been perfectly translated from Japanese to English. The app can be a little buggy, but the interface is good and the navigation is smooth. The App also consists of a community where all manga fans can discuss and get suggestions on new reads.

Manga Rock

One of the best manga Apps that you can find on the Play Store. Manga Rock has over a million downloads and has a huge collection of titles close to 100,000. Most of these titles are free to read but you will have to pay $3.99 to access exclusive content and ad-free reading experience.

Manga Searcher

A really nice manga reader App that doesn’t have issues and it is pretty smooth while searching for your favorite titles. The interface is simple and it looks like a basic file manager app where you can manage, view and read all kinds of manga titles with just a few taps. The search function is easy and you can also upload your own manga if needed.

Manga Shelf

Manga Shelf is an old app but really handy when it comes to functionality and ease of use. The app design is kind of outdated but that won’t restrict you from using this incredible app. Apart from reading manga on this App, you also have the option to search for manga and even add your own manga which is fantastic.


Ultimately, MangaKa is for those who don’t want to pay to read manga titles. Each and every content is absolutely free and you can easily navigate and search for interesting manga titles. There is a broad range of titles based on your reading preferences and you can customize the reader for the best experience. You can also download the manga and read it later without any hassles.

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