FaceTime On iOS 13 Will Support Eye Correction

On the latest iOS 13 developer beta update, Apple has fixed the FaceTime issue dealing with eye contact. Earlier, when you spoke to someone on FaceTime, you could naturally see them looking on the screen during the video call. But this will now change and the new fix will show the person directly looking at the camera as if they are staring at you.

Although the new fix is artificial and provides a fake eye contact to enhance the user experience on FaceTime, it is actually a mind-blowing feature. And also advocates to the point where the person whom you are having a conversation can see you looking directly at the camera instead of you just staring at the camera hole.

This new FaceTime could only be available on the new iPhones that come with the latest camera hardware like the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. If you are using any of the older iPhones, we are not sure if the eye correction will work. The reason could be that Apple had included the signal image processor in the A12 bionic chip which powers the 2018 iPhones.

Eye correction on FaceTime is not a big update but it will help people who earlier were not happy with this. This feature could be included in the public beta version of iOS 13 which will be released this fall. Apart from this, Apple is bringing a few other changes to iOS 13 like a new data transfer method between two devices with a wire.

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