Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Suffer Major Global Outage

Three major Apps of social media – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stayed shut yesterday for close to 8-10 hours. This global outage was due to some server issue which rendered all these Apps useless until the issue was fixed today by the company. After long hours of waiting, Facebook clarified the issue on Twitter saying that the issue has been resolved and should work perfectly for al users.

Several users who were using Instagram yesterday started noticing the problem when the App would not load properly and they could not see the pictures and videos on the feeds. The same was noticeable on Facebook and WhatsApp which completely frustrated the users. Some of them were stuck with their work while some were not able to unwind on the social media App at the end of the day on July 3.

The problem did not end on July 3, but it continued till the early hours of July 4 which clearly shows that it took the company longer than usual to resolve the issue. WhatsApp users could text each other but they could not download images and media files. On Instagram, people were not able to upload new posts and content and were left stranded for the entire evening.

A similar case of outage happened with Instagram back in 2018 where users were not able to refresh the app for around 30 minutes. The global outages of social media Apps are rare but it completely disrupts the experience of users when it happens. Still, there is no guarantee that they will work perfectly all the time.

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