Apple’s 12-Inch MacBook Line-Up Comes To An End

Recently Apple changed the course of its MacBook lineup by discontinuing its slimmest laptop ever. The company has officially put an end to the 12-inch MacBook although this is not the first time for them. After originally launching the first ever plastic MacBook back in 2006, Apple later discontinued it in 2010.

Along with this, Apple updated its MacBook Air to include a retina display with Apple’s true tone display technology and also a price drop. The base MacBook Pro model has also received an incremental upgrade as it now involves the latest 8th generation quad-core processors with a Touch Bar.

The future of the 12-inch MacBook became questionable when the 13-inch MacBook Air was launched along with a Retina display, lower price tag, increased number of ports and a longer battery life. The 12-inch MacBook appeared to look inferior with every new product launch.

Although the most shocking news was the discontinuation of their original MacBook Air. Apple consistently made upgrades to it by improving its processor to make it a worthy purchase. It seemed impossible that Apple would discontinue its highest selling MacBook ever.

The MacBook also faced some of the sme keyboard issues that Apple faced with 2018 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The company has since worked to resolve these key problems by changing the material used underneath the keys to make it last longer.

With a lower price tag and Apple’s “Back to school” offer which includes a cashback and a pair of Beats headphones, the company is striving to make it laptop irresistible for the college students.

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