Apple To Launch A 5G Foldable iPad Next Year

Apple is finally stepping into developing a foldable iPad that could be its most powerful machine till date. When Samsung unveiled its foldable phone in 2019, it caused a huge stir in the market. Although it came with its own flaws and the public rollout was then shut down. With such an unpredictable technology, Apple is now coming up to speed by developing a product that could be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Samsung faced durability issues with its Galaxy Fold smartphone leading to a mysterious delay therefore Apple is trying the best to provide a more stable device to its customers. IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin claims that Apple is discreetly working on a foldable iPad that will feature MacBook sized screen however what’s fascinating is how they would implement the folding mechanism in an iPad.

As stated by Jeff Lin, the foldable iPad will have the latest A series processor and will also support 5G connectivity. This would be Apple’s first-ever 5G supported device although considering Apple is nowhere near launching a 5G device, it’s hard to expect this product anytime soon.

With such a sophisticated product, Apple would have to redesign its entire operating system that would make iPadOS more powerful than ever before.

Apple is known for its innovation. They were the first ones to introduce a touch screen phone and implement the first-ever fingerprint scanner on a phone. Now, they are trying to get back in the game and march ahead above the competition.

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