Amazon Prime Day Sale Kicks Off On July 15

Amazon Prime Day Sale – the biggest shopping event that takes place once every year worldwide will start from July 15. It’s going to be even better and even larger than all the previous years with over 250 retailers competing with Amazon in this sale period. Prime Day Sale has become a key event for Amazon since its introduction back in 2015.

We usually see these sale periods during festive seasons which is usually during Christmas in the United States. Amazon Prime Day Sale is now considered among the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and it has grown really big in the past 4 fours. It’s no longer a small event and people all around the globe are literally waiting for the Amazon Prime Day Sale to start.

This the event where people who usually can’t afford to buy a product can actually think of buying it with all the amazing offers and discounts. And the savings are great too if you end up spending a lot on multiple items.

Big league retailers like Walmart and Target will also have their own sale offers during the same duration in July. Amazon will host the event for 48 hours which is 2 days while these competing retailers will host for 4 days to gain more traffic. We believe that this will not affect Amazon as long as they have good offers for the buyers who are hugely depending on this sale event.

In 2018, Prime Day sales were close to 100 million items in a shorter window of 36 hours. This makes it really exciting to see how the event unfolds this time around.

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