YouTube Improves Recommended Videos For Android And iOS

Today, YouTube has changed the way it recommends videos on the App’s homepage on Android and iOS. The popular video-sharing platform will now give more power to the users on what do they wish to watch on their homepage. This means that users will be provided the options to select the listed channels or topics if they are not happy what the App is showing them.

Earlier there was no way that a user could have manipulated the YouTube algorithm to show only subscribed or preferred content. Seems like the company took note of this and has brought in new improvements that will definitely make room for overall better user experience.

Firstly, YouTube has entirely customized how recommended videos work. The user will have full control and will be able to search for content much faster than before with the help of related video options on the Homepage and on the Up Next video section as well. So for example, if you are watching a baking video, you will see options like ‘Baking’, ‘DIY Videos’, ‘Recently Uploaded’ and so on.

Secondly, you will be recommended videos not only based on your search history but also based on your viewers who watched these videos. You will know about this when a recommended video has the name of your viewer below who probably must have viewed that video at some point in time.

Lastly, for users who are fed up of getting recommendations from channels can remove them completely with the ‘Don’t recommend channel’ which is pretty useful.

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