WhatsApp Improves PIP Feature For Android Users

WhatsApp has pushed a new update for Android users which has changed the functionality of the picture-in-picture mode. Earlier when users opened a video link in WhatsApp, it could only be played in the PIP mode as long as the chat window was open and would disappear automatically when you left the window or came out of the App. This has now changed and the users will be able to view videos in PIP mode even you have WhatsApp open in the background.

In our opinion, this new change is really good as it can help people who are used to multi-tasking on their phones and want to continue watching the videos without being interrupted when they close the App. WABetaInfo posted about this on Twitter saying that WhatsApp is rolling out an improved PIP mode that fixes the limitation of not being able to playing in the background.

This comes after 3 months when the PIP mode was initially introduced on WhatsApp making it really easy to play and watch videos without having to open the link on a browser or separately on the YouTube App. But it did had the restriction of playing the video on the same chat window and there was not way out of it. Seems like the developers over at WhatsApp have finally taken note and they will be rolling out the update gradually for all Android users.

For iOS users, we are not sure if the update will be available but you can expect it to follow once the Android update works perfectly without any issues.

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