watchOS 6 Will Allow You To Delete Stock Apps On the Apple Watch

Apple had announced the new watchOS 6 at the WWDC event held recently this month for all the Apple Watch users out there. This new version of watchOS comes with a lot of new changes and bug fixes and you can now delete any of the built-in Apps on your Apple Watch in a flash without any issues.

The company had added a lot of stock Apps since the honeycomb version of the watchOS and with the arrival of watchOS 6, more new sets of Apps will be added – App Store, Audiobooks, Calculator, Cycle Tracking, Noise, and Voice Memos. These Apps can be removed by the users in watchOS 6 if they wish to but as of now, there is no way the Apple watch users can do that.

iOS users on iPhone are familiar with this feature as they can delete some of the Apple Apps without having to use any trick or hack. But for Apple Watch users, this will only be possible gradually on watchOS 6 where they can choose to delete any App they want and de-clutter the home screen.

Speaking about Apps, the ones like Breathe, Walkie-Talkie, Radio, World Clock, Timer, Alarms, Stopwatch, Remote, Noise, Cycle Tracking which were impossible to remove before can also be removed easily without a second thought in the upcoming watchOS 6.

The best part about this new feature is that users can free up space on the Apple Watch instantly without having to search on YouTube or ask people for a solution. However, sources say that Messages and Heart Rate Apps cannot be deleted and they will remain on the Apple Watch.

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