VLC For iPhone And iPad Gets New Updates

VLC as we all know is one of the top preferred media players whether it is used on desktops or on a smartphone. The latest update brings lot of improvements regarding the issues faced by iPhone and iPad owners using this App. This updated version for VLC on the App Store is 3.1.9 and was rolled out on 3rd May 2019. But it was a major one that resolved bugs such as audio issues while playing any video.

The update also changed the layout of the App a bit with a refreshed user interface. The scrollbars in the App have been replaced by wrapping text, which also works while you upload or download any media. For users who use a very conventional method of dragging and dropping media, VLC received many complains of crashes. With the new update, this issue has been fixed and now it should be easier to do this task and also faster than before.

The company has also added Store Translations for Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian. So that it becomes easier for the users to get all the information in their chosen language without any difficulty. Apart from this, there are no big changes and just a fw bug fixes here and there.

Overall, the newest version should solve most of the issues faced by iPad and iPhone users who enjoy using VLC to stream media across different formats. VLC has also recently updated the desktop version of the App which brings improved Blu-ray and Chromecast support.

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