‘Twitter For Mac’ Will Be Back By The End Of 2019

Apple has decided that it will be bringing back ‘Twitter For Mac’ App very soon after it had discontinued the App back in 2018. Since then, the Mac users have been without an official Twitter App that can be used directly without opening it on an iPhone. The company will be developing the new Twitter App under Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

The WWDC event saw many improvements on iOS and macOS and new features that will be a part of both these operating systems. So the comeback of Twitter for Mac is a good news for Mac users who had been missing it since last year. Most of the credit goes to the new macOS Catalina without which the new Twitter App would not have been possible.

Apple has removed the Twitter for Mac App last year because maintaining different codebases for iOS and Mac was not easy. This is because the company had to accommodate two different versions of the App and handle them separately. But now with the launch of macOS Catalina, this has become easy since the developers can now use the code from the iOS version of the Twitter App to create a similar MacOS App.

This is mainly because Apple is merging the gap between iOS and Mac Apps with the release of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. And soon developers could create a single App that would work on both iOS and macOS making it very flexible in the long run.

Twitter For Mac will also see some additional features that don’t feature on iPhones such as
support for multiple windows, drag and drop function and the ability to resize windows with ease.

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