There Are Over 2000 Counterfeit Apps On Google Play Store

Fake Apps on Google Play Store have been doing the rounds for a while now and new research conducted by The University Of Sydney reveals to have more than 2000 counterfeit Apps. This is an alarming number as fake Apps can steal user’s data and mislead people who download these Apps with inappropriate information that’s also illegal.

The research took around 2 years to complete and the results showed that these fake Apps – 2040 fake Apps to be precise, came from a variety of categories on the Play Store. It says that users can never identify if the App is fake before the installation no matter how tech-savvy the person is. But, the same person will immediately know that the App is counterfeit after installing the App.

Some of the titles that were fake included the names of famous games like Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Free Flow. The study further said that users are at a higher risk of being hacked while using fake Apps, where a hacker can potentially access the user’s identity and cause problems like financial losses.

One of the faculty members at the University of Sydney mentioned that the Google Play ecosystem is very open and therefore it makes it very easy for the counterfeit Apps to infiltrate and put the users at a high-risk level.

If you are worried about not being able to differentiate between a real and a fake App on the Play Store, the research suggests that the user should take precautions before installing an App like reading metadata such as the description of the App, developer information, download numbers, and user reviews.

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