Telegram Makes It Possible To Add People Without Phone Number

A new feature is rolling out to Telegram users on Android and iOS which makes it very easy to add people nearby you without asking for their contact number. This will possibly be useful for those who are attending festivals or meetings and want to quickly add new people with the new ‘Add People Nearby’ option under the Contacts tab.

This new feature will work on GPS and once you enter into the Add People Nearby section of Telegram, the App will pull all the users who are nearby to your location and show them to you. This will include their contact information and you can also share your contact information with them once you add these people.

But this will only work if the nearby people are using the same section of the App, which is how the users can discover each other if they are over at the same conference, campus, stadium, festivals or chilling out at the same cafe.

Apart from this, there is another feature that will let you create group chats based on your location. You head over to your Contacts and simply click ‘Create a Local Group’ to make use of this feature and start using it the next time you are around plenty of people in a particular place.

There are a few other changes that Telegram has included in the newest version of the App such as clearing cache directly inside the App, Siri shortcuts for iOS users, new improvements with Notification Exceptions and new search and delete options for chats.

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