Sony Will Be Launching A Smartphone With Six Rear Cameras

Sony is widely known for its innovation and mass appeal as it always tries to do something different in front of its competitors. A source now claims that the company is developing a smartphone with a total of 8 cameras – six on the rear and a dual camera on the front. This could be similar to Nokia 9 PureView with penta-camera setup and also could be the first smartphone to come with 6 rear cameras.

The news was shared on Twitter by a user named Max J. who also shared a concept image for the six camera setup and mentioned it ‘concept based on imagination’. He also said that the phone is still under developments and there is no other information related to specs and features as of now.

Maybe the company will put of the information for the fans once the device has been finalized for production this year. But as of now, this news is just a rumour and should not be taken very seriously until there is confirmation from Sony for the same.

Still, we don’t know how these camera sensors will be placed on rear but the concept images shows the rear camera placed in a set of two in three rows. These rear camera could also have a telephoto camera along with a separate super-wide-angle alternative. Speaking of the selfie camera, it will have advanced sensors for facial recognition that will come in handy whilw taking selfies and making video calls.

Sony’s recent smartphone Sony Xperia 1 came with a 4K HDR 6.5-inch CinemaWide OLED display which could also be included in this new smartphone.

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