Public Beta Version Of iOS 13, iPadOS And macOS Is Now Available

Apple announced iOS 13, iPad OS and macOS Catalina at the WWDC event held recently in the US. The company said that the public beta versions will be out in July, but it looks like they are out early and users will be able to download them now from Apple’s website. If you have been waiting for these new releases, you can head over now to the Apple Beta Software Program page and get started.

Apple must be confident about this public beta build which is why they have released it early for the users. But there is no guarantee that the public betas for iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina will work well. After all, these beta builds are just for the users to test it out so that Apple also knows if they are going wrong with any feature or if there are any bugs within the system.

For iPhone, users will have to download the configuration built from the Apple beta website and then head over to the software update option under settings to install the iOS 13 beta. The same applies to iPad OS on an iPad. For Mac, users can install the macOS Catalina beta version by downloading the macOS Public Beta Access Utility software from the same website.

If you want to try the public beta versions, you should be aware that they always come with high risk and it could end up corrupting your system if you don’t use it properly. The beta versions are currently available only to a small group of people and this is how the company makes sure that any kind of errors doesn’t make it to the final builds for iOS 13, iPad OS and mac OS Catalina.

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