Why players still enjoy Final Fantasy XIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for PC, it is developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. Final Fantasy XIV is a free to play game but only until level 35, to continue, you have to pay monthly subscription of $12.99. This monthly subscription is worth to be paid because Square Enix got mountains of contents to offer. There’s always a challenging mission to complete, or a mystery to be solved.

There are huge range of classes to choose from such as : Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Dragoon, Bard, White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner, Scholar, Ninja, Dark Knight, Astrologian, and many more, each with different role and primary class. There are four roles of those classes mentioned which are Tank, Melee Physical DPS, Ranged Magical DPS, and Healer. You can level them all up on a single character. Players can swap between classes by choosing the weapon of the class. The freedom to decide who or what you will be in the game is given to the players,and the choices are also a lot so there are plenty of tricks and strategies to be tested in the game.

The graphics are improved to give the best resolution for the players where the world is rich in vibrant colors. The audio has been set properly to give the sharper tones which people expect to hear. The soundtracks were also amazing and very in tune with the game. Besides that, the sound effect is in its top notch. After getting familiar with the game, you will be able to differentiate every abilities just by hearing them being performed. You will certainly be curious to try out this game where every aspects of the game had been pushed to its limits to give you the best gaming experience.

Each central character has been developed well enough to star in their own mainline. Those cut scenes are usually worth to watch rather than just skipping them. When you play the game, you will be kept busy with all the missions, besides missions, there are also other fun activities like Triple Triad. What’s waiting for the players who have been playing for long is the end game which is a harsh mission to complete, if you managed to succeed, you will be showered with great rewards, but if you fail, it would also be your greatest pain. Passing the end game requires a lot of practice, raids, and preparations.

The game already has hundred thousands of subscribers and will keep on increasing in the future with the launch of Shadowbringers. Play the game carefully and not rushing things because you will miss the amazing things to be discovered in the game, truly a great game made by Square Enix, definitely a must try game for those who are looking for a game to play daily.

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