Pixel 4 Case Models Have Leaked Online

There is a fresh leak for the upcoming Google Pixel 4 phones which shows the case models for this device. YouTuber named Unbox Therapy made this leak and spoke about the size, bezel and some other information for these models of Pixel 4 phones.

We earlier had a leak back in January from another source which showed Pixel 4 having bezel-less display. It was also mentioned to have a fingerprint sensor at the back with a rear camera at the back and the body could be a combination of glass and metal. But the new leak shows that the body could be completely made of metal based on the case models.

The leak by Unbox Therapy shows the probable case models for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL and the size difference between these two devices. It also shows to have a camera bump at the back for both these models which could include a triple lens camera similar to how Apple is planning for iPhone 11.

But surprisingly we cannot see a fingerprint sensor at the back opposed to what was mentioned in the older leak. We don’t know why Google won’t include the sensor or maybe they are planning to include an on-screen fingerprint sensor like OnePlus smartphones.

Although the display is expected to be bezel-less, the guy in the video says that there could be a bezel at the top which will house the selfie cameras and speakers with a total of ‘5 imaging units’. Apart from this, there will be a USB-C port instead of the headphone jack just like Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

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