Pixel 3a Is The Best Selling Unlocked Phone On Amazon

Google has unveiled the budget Pixel smartphone – Pixel 3a at the company’s developer conference in May. Since then, this compact smartphone has been gaining a lot of attention from people mainly because of its exceptional camera. Now, the Pixel 3a has gained the top position among the best selling unlocked phones on Amazon.

The fact that Google has packed the same camera that comes on the high-end Pixel phones on Pixel 3a is simply mind-blowing. This makes it probably one of the best phones in the market right now and it is not hard to believe that they are selling like hot cakes on the Amazon portal.

The ‘Best Seller’ category is available for a wide range of products on Amazon and this list is updated on an hourly basis by Amazon. So, even if you happen to check the best selling list of unlocked phones hourly, you will find none other than Pixel 3a on the top spot.

Customers have given fantastic ratings for the Pixel 3a on Amazon with over 75 percent 5-star ratings. They have mainly praised the camera in addition to the battery life.

The Pixel 3a was launched at starting price of $399 and it the cheapest offering for the company while having the best camera on board. It is a great buy for people who don’t want to spend much on a Pixel 3 or a Pixel 3 XL just for a high quality camera. Also, you get to have a discount on the sale price which can be availed from the Google Store.

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