Nintendo Will Release Dr. Mario For iOS And Android On July 10

Nintendo games are very popular around the world and it was not until recently that the company began diving into the smartphone gaming industry. Games like Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have accumulated good fan base since 2016. Now, the company will be launching Dr. Mario for mobile this July.

The game will launch on both iOS and Android platforms giving Mario fans something new to look forward. It will be released under the puzzle gaming genre and will offer a unique experience irrespective of who is playing the game. The puzzle scenario is very similar to Candy Crush where you need to destroy all the onscreen viruses via color-coordinated pills. The game also features a stamina meter which gets depleted once you play a specific number of levels. But no need to worry as the meter gets replenished with time.

Dr. Mario will have diamonds as a paid currency which can be used to unlock new characters, get hold of item and pills and you can also increase your playtime. This game is inspired from the original Dr. Mario game that was available on NES, which was somewhat like the old-school Tetris game.

The last game that was release by Nintendo for mobile was Dragalia Lost which was over a year ago. We are not sure why the company did not bring out more games after that but this new Dr. Mario game will definitely grab the attention of the gamers on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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