Netflix To Bring Pop-Out Player On Desktop Soon

Netflix is trying newer ways to keep the customers glued to their service. The company has been spotted testing a a new pop-out window feature on the desktop version which shows a mini-player on the top of the usual interface that runs on the background. This is similar to the picture-in-picture mode on WhatsApp and it will also help users multi-task while keeping other Apps open.

The company say that the pop-out window will be mostly like Safari’s native video player where you can play any video from your iOS or macOS device in PIP mode. Maybe Netflix is cashing on the opportunity to get more sign-ups, where people would prefer to use the streaming service while also using other Apps conveniently. Or there could be those who just don’t want to wait for the evening to get back to Netflix and want to browse on their favorite episodes while working.

Rather than including the pop-out feature in their own video player on the website, it would have been better if they offered it with the built-in system tools. But, Netflix is a big brand and it does want to do bring new changes in a bigger way so that people are well aware about it.

The feature is currently in a testing phase and there is no official word on when Netflix will make it official for all desktop users. But users would surely be hoping that it comes out sooner as it would be a perfect feature for multi-tasking. The PIP feature won’t be a part of the mobile version for now, but things could change if the company decides it to bring based on user demand in a later version.

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