MashApp For iOS And Android – Create Short Videos And Have Fun With Friends

How often do you come across an App that lets you create and respond to videos and have loads of fun with friends? MashApp is a completely new and refreshing App that lets you create fun videos with punchlines on any random topic where your friends can also participate and continue to respond in a loop. It’s very eye-catching and addictive once you get the hang of it.

Content And Features

The App is really easy to operate and does not have any kind of complicated features that you need to learn first. The basis of this App is to create punchline videos, which you can do straight away by clicking the big yellow-colored plus icon on the homepage. Once you make a video, it will be visible to all the members you have added in your profile and they can respond to it instantly with a single tap and create a Mashup. Apart from this, the App has a chat section and you can also mark your favorite punchlines and mashups for easier access.

Display And Appearance

The interface is quite simple with a plain white background theme. You can check your punchlines and mashups placed in clean tabs on the top of the homepage. You can talk to your friends and group members with an integrated chat section inside the App itself. Group invites can be sent easily with a single tap so that you can keep increasing your friends.

Final Verdict – MashApp is really an impressive App and it could be a huge hit especially for the young audience and has the potential to gain millions of users with its fresh idea that’s highly scarce these days. We give it a 10/10 rating.

You can download MashApp from App Store and Google Play Store.

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