Mac Gets New OS – macOS Catalina

WWDC event held yesterday saw the launch of the new macOS Catalina along with the new Mac Pro model and the new iOS 13 for iPhones. Apple had introduced Mojave last year with the dark mode support and a list of other new features that created a positive impact on the users. This time around they have brought more new features with Catalina which we will have a look at in detail.

The first and foremost thing that a user will notice about macOS Catalina is no iTunes. It’s sad for sure but iTunes is being replaced by separate Apps for Music, Podcasts and Apple TV in this newest version of macOS. So users can get all the latest updates and new content for each of these Apps without having to switch between them on a single iTunes App.

Apple has also added a new feature called ‘Side Car’ on macOS Catalina. This will let the user easily mirror their MacBook Screen with an iPad in addition to the usual external display support. It’s a great one for designers who are working on a project, letting them seamlessly carry their work with them without having to just rely on their MacBook at all times. Users can also make use of the Apple Pencil with Side Car.

macOS Catalina will also support the porting of Apps between MacBook and iPad. Apple will be providing a set of tools and APIs under the name of ‘Project Catalyst’ which will make it easier for developers to transfer iPad Apps to macOS.

You can check more of the features for macOS Catalina here.

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