Instagram Adds Lyrics Stickers To Music Stories

Instagram has been facing heavy competiton from the likes of TikTok. So, it has introduced a new feature on the App today which will show lyrics along with the music that the user has included in the Stories. You can check the same in an Ad that was uploaded by Instagram on YouTube which shows artist Billie Eilish singing along with the music while the lyrics are displayed on the Stories.

This new lyrics feature is currently available in the countries of Germany, France and US where Instagram Music is in use. In the remaining countries, Instagram Music has still not made an entry and this is expected to happen gradually. The feature will be very useful for the creators who want to share music Stories with their fans who would like to read the lyrics and sing along for fun.

An Instagram spokesperson said that music is a major part of expression which helps fans to connect with their favorite artists and add latest music to their Stories. They further said that the company is improving the music based features on the App and wants users to easily add music lyrics to their Stories while adding a song.

If you look at TikTok, they have included a similar feature where they have captions that can be added to videos. This will find use for many creators who had to make use of third-party video editing Apps to add captions. Also, it will be very interesting to see how Instagram and TikTok compete with each other on this front in the coming weeks.

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